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Muhammad Fareez Iqmal

GitHub Releases


Responding to your feedback & suggestions, I've added the following:

  • ✨ Added ability to edit saved subject. Currently only changing venue property is possible. Partially fixes issue #37

    demo video

  • ✨ Added ability to delete individual saved subject. Issue #37

    demo video

  • ✨ Added ability to add subject. Fixes #38

    demo video

  • ✨ Add Usrah in Action prompt in COCU page in course browser, due to I think some of us can't find it and thinking the courses in not available in app.

    screenshot usrah

  • ✨ Kulliyyah other than main kulliyyah (eg: COCU etc), in course validator are now automatically overriden. So you won't need to override manually.

    gif override kulliyyah

  • 🚸 Add hints to save the schedule first before editing in schedule layout and its dialog. So you would no the schedule is customizable, but there is a need of some extra steps. Also, if you've noticed, I've added the section information in the dialog, so you would not accidentally enter the wrong class

    screenshot hint save

  • 🚸 Add hint in input scope to select the main kulliyyah. Initial implementation of #41

  • 💄 Update button theme to improve visibility in dark mode

  • ✏️ Added session (academic year) and semester to metadata dialog.

  • 🍱 Update web og:image metatag asset

  • 🧑‍💻 [DEV]

    • Add uuid (for future implementation), session and semester in SavedSchedule Hive object.